Sulaymaniah Food Expo is the meeting point and network face to face with thousands  of local and international products and Food Expo is the fastest growing trade fair of its sector in Iraq and one of the region’s the most important exhibition in the field of agro - food products and Technologies.

• Sulaymaniah FoodExpo, serving the developing Kurdistan market, the specialized food, agriculture technology, food processing and packaging exhibition, has become   of one the leading trade shows in the country attracting thousands of industry-related visitors, key- decision makers and industry experts in addition regional   government and local authorities.
The exhibition offers an unique opportunity for national and international agriculture and food experts to meet local manufacturers, suppliers, traders and businessmen   and to gain access to the international markets.
Iraq imports 80 percent of its food needs and its agro-food sector is growing at 25 percent a year, making it an attractive market for international sellers taking part in   SULAYMANIAH FOOD EXPO 2015.
The Kurdistan region should be the  number one target; last year 85 percent of all Iraq sales were in the Kurdistan Region
Essential food imports  in Iraq include meat, cereals, cooking oil, canned and processed food fruits and vegetables, dairy products, nuts, dried fruits and bottled water.
Iraq's food self-sufficiency rate will continue to decrease with its population growing at an estimated rate of 2.3 percent per annum; Iraq's population is expected to   surpass 40 million within a decade. So  food imports have become critical.
With the standard of living increasing thanks to the relative stability and prosperity, the Iraqi Kurdish middle class is increasingly demanding affordable, but better   quality imported foods.